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Another morning, another adventure, this time we were going to explore the nature side of Washington and get in touch with the beauty of mother nature. We wanted to check out the ice caves today and go for a small hike.

seattle 649

So many greens.

seattle 661

Shooting some HOODRATstuff promotion.

seattle 666

The Baeton in the HOODRATstuff beanie V2.

seattle 677

OO Long Sleeve in black.

seattle 688

Fancy metal bridge.

seattle 690

seattle 698

These natural sun flares were so awesome. I couldn’t stop taking photos.

seattle 699

seattle 701

seattle 703

seattle 706

AW Films brought out his gear to film our hike.

seattle 707

seattle 710

seattle 713

seattle 715

Vinh rocking the Bad Things Seal tee.

seattle 719

We finally arrived at the ice caves and we were in shock and awe of how huge this cave was.

seattle 723

seattle 724

seattle 726

seattle 729

This little kid wanted to go inside the caves so bad, but his mom didn’t let him. Apparently some one died here a week before when the ice came loose and hit him in the head.

seattle 738

Clinton holding onto his head.

seattle 749

After getting some cool photos (pun intended), I got out of there asap.

seattle 752

seattle 753

seattle 760

The walk back was surprisingly fast and with the sun coming down more, it was less harsh for photos.

seattle 765

seattle 772

Abbitt is crazy.

seattle 781

Met up with Henderson and he took us to Alki to try Marination Makai. They had lots of interesting food like this kimchi fried rice with pork. It was delicious.

seattle 782

Spam and kalua sliders.

seattle 787

Vinh and Clinton’s large order.

seattle 792

Nice ocean view from Alki beach.

seattle 796

Missing you comes in waves, tonight I’m drowning.

seattle 799

Mellow beach.

seattle 807

Clean NSX in front of a nice house near Alki.

seattle 809

Yoshi is pretty down to drift anywhere.

seattle 812

seattle 817

Fainting Goat, a spot that was recommended by @fortheloveoficecream.

seattle 818

Interesting flavors and everything was super creamy. This place made it up for yesterday’s disappointments.

seattle 822


seattle 824

When bae ignores the kiss.

seattle 828

seattle 833

Read the shirt and buy it here:

seattle 838

More sunset views.

seattle 845

seattle 851

seattle 853

“I once did gay porn”

seattle 891

The next morning, we met up with Vickie and Long to check out Pike Public Market. Lots of energy going on in this market for how early it was.

seattle 861

seattle 862

seattle 863

Find us at the gum wall.

seattle 865

So much bacteria in one spot.

seattle 868

seattle 869

seattle 871

Shout out to Vickie for these tasty macaroons.

seattle 875

Macaroon porn.

seattle 878

seattle 881

Free stickers courtesy of AWStickers.

seattle 886

Finally got to try some Seattle’s best seafood and it did not disappoint! This is the seafood bisque and the captain’s roll.

seattle 887

Long enjoying his sea food bisque and Vickie is on a diet.

seattle 889

Next spot would be Bleecher’s cheese shop.

seattle 895

Vickie ready to give some food to the needy.

seattle 897

Delicious mac and cheese, too bad I was full from eating all of that seafood bisque.

seattle 900

The first Starbucks and it was too crowded to order anything.

seattle 908

A visit to the friendly neighborhood troll.

seattle 909

seattle 915

Gelatiamo would be the last dessert shop we visited, also very delicious. Water based too, so I didn’t get the shits afterwards.


Thank you to everyone from Super Kawaii for the hospitality especially Justin, Vickie and Long! Also a big thanks to Henderson for driving us to cool food spots and to see amazing sun sets. Yoshi aka Mike for keeping us company and always having a car there to shoot. We’ll see you guys in April!!

I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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