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 It’s great that I’m friends with a lot of creative people like my friends Celso Nimo and Vu Pham. They’re both cinematographers and designers with a good eye for visuals. Tonight, we planned a shoot with Sara Choi and even though we came into this with no plans we ended up with a pretty cool shoot and video.

baera 003

Can’t shoot with an empty stomach! I decided to take them to my new Thai spot to try some raw shrimp.

baera 001

Testing out some IPhone camera hacks like putting a drop of water on your lens to get some cool macro shots.

baera 002

Check out those details.

baera 005

Raw shrimp, not for the faint of heart.

baera 006

Crispy fried rice!

baera 007

Best pad see ew, I’ve ever tasted.

baera 009

Can’t forget about the pad thai!

baera 011

As you can see we devoured everything. Check this place out if you’re ever in Westminster!

Vientiane Thai Laos –

baera 019

Picked up Sara and took her to The Camp in Costa Mesa. She wanted like a hipster sexy photo shoot. So, she brought the sexy and we took her to a hipster location.

baera 022

The background is actually a store that sells plants.

baera 029

baera 031

baera 089

Checking out the visuals.

baera 100

We needed a model for our new BTB snap back and Nimo was ready with his “Blue Steel” look.

baera 104

This is probably my favorite photo of this entire set.

baera 116

baera 120

baera 125

baera 142

It was hard to edit these photos without craving ice cream and a napkin.

baera 128

baera 130

baera 152

baera 173

Some “sitting alone at the bench waiting for bae” photos.

baera 176

baera 177

baera 199

Balcony views with Sara.

baera 203

baera 220

baera 228

The face you make when the server is bringing your food.

baera 231

“Das bae”

baera 266

Time for some HOODRATstuff.

baera 277

Sara changing on the go with our OO Long Sleeve.

baera 289

Kat Wiliams made a special guest appearance.

baera 306

baera 343

baera 357

baera 365

baera 398


baera 426

baera 429

baera 441

baera 446

Get the look here..

baera 450

baera 476

baera 491

Fairy tale ish.

baera 497

After every successful shoot, getting boba and reflecting on the shoot is a must.

baera 498

Hope you enjoyed the photos cousins! K den shoots.

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