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Karuma Vs Lowballers Round III | Event Coverage

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Feels like I’ve been here before, a Friday morning meet up to cruise to Vegas for a car meet, but this time with different faces. It’s been two years since I have given any effort to get back into the car scene and after a depression phase I really want to get back out there and hang with friends that I haven’t seen. The Karuma x Lowballers meet seemed like the perfect event for it and cruising with the homies to Vegas just brought back some nostalgia.

Like I always do, try to get some nice rollers of my friend’s cars. This is Kekoa’s xB rolling slammed on the 15. @alowha_kekoa

We stopped at a McDonalds to wait for Kekoa and ended up seeing a bunch of cool cars.

We asked where they were going and they were also going to Vegas for the Karuma x Lowballers meet.

We ended up going to In-N-Out to fix Kekoa’s air problem. Cuong’s E30, Kekoa’s xB, my GR86 and David’s FJ Cruiser. Oh yeah I bought a GR86.

@seldoondrol clean E30.

After being saved by AJ we were back on the road for more rollers and this time accompanied by AJ’s T-Demand Camry. @ayeeejayyy.

The day of the meet, everyone met up at the Airbnb to cruise together to the meet. Miguel’s Minty Porsche. @mintcoimports

Vince built his LS430 just in time for the meet! @vince_neil

Someone we haven’t seen in a long time, Neel’s LS400 on Work Schwert SC4. @implayaz9

The Lowballers boss, Andrew’s LS400 on TE-37s. @sohigaragedru

Karuma always making the coolest trophies for their meets.

The meet didn’t even start yet and we got people here early for merch.

Jay did a suicide trip in his NSX for the meet! @jaycraaay

Nimo accompanied him on the way to Vegas in his IS300. @findingnimo

Fast and Furious but make it cute.

Shout out to this girl for cosplaying in 100 degree weather.

First time trying Guam food and damn it was so good!

When Taylor gets on top of a car at a meet, bitches go crazy.

Thanks for the good times ridahs!



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