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Waking up to the cold brisk air of Washington was something unfamiliar. The air was so crisp and I woke up freezing my ass of because I didn’t know there were extra blankets under my bed. Besides the near hypothermia incident, today was going to be a day filled with exploring the city and stopping by some local shops.
seattle 349

Felt good to walk outside to a natural setting with trees giving us that fresh air.

seattle 357

 Thank you to Rick Wilkerson for cooking us some bomb french toast croissants! A look inside the Wilkerson’s residence.

seattle 350

 Yoshi met us up early to go get some coffee at Garage Autohero.

seattle 352

 Posted outside of the Wilkerson’s home was pretty surreal. We always saw photos of Abbitt’s Subarus posted up in front of this wooden home, but never really thought we would ever be here. Life’s a trip.

seattle 353

seattle 359

 Having trees that surround your house is pretty awesome.

seattle 355

seattle 361

 On the way to Garage Autohero.

seattle 364

Garage Auto Hero had so many projects going on, it must be difficult to keep track of it all.

seattle 365

 So many cool things going on in this shop.

seattle 366

seattle 367

seattle 368

seattle 369

seattle 370

Ray makes the best coffee in the area.

seattle 371

seattle 372

Baeton enjoying his coffee. Thanks Ray!

seattle 374

What the Milpitas boys have been wanting to do the whole trip was to visit a recreational clinic, so we stopped by the local Kush Mart. I didn’t bring my camera in because I wasn’t sure what the rules were, but it was like going into buy some alcohol or candy.

seattle 390

Met up with the locals at Skillet for some breakfast. They’re known for their grilled cheese with bacon jam and chicken. The poutine fries here are bomb as well.

seattle 397

seattle 399

Artery clogger for sure, but worth it!

seattle 403

seattle 401

Abbitt trying to live in Vinh’s moment.

seattle 377

Jonny brought out his sick TC! I want his wheels for my brother’s Legacy.

seattle 379

seattle 394

seattle 405

Next door to Skillet was an ice cream shop called Parfait.

seattle 409

Decent ice cream, super slow service because there was only one worker and the people in front of me wanted to try each flavor twice.

seattle 416

Vickie handing us some goodies. Thanks Justin and Vickie!

seattle 419

Some rollers on the way to our next stop, Molly Moons!

seattle 427

seattle 429

seattle 457

seattle 477

Love the city vibes in Seattle.

seattle 484

It’s awesome that the streets in the city are safe for slammed cars.

seattle 489

We had a big crowd joining us today.

seattle 490

Mike and Clinton really enjoying paying for parking.

seattle 494

seattle 498

seattle 504

Not what I expected from the best ice cream Seattle had to offer. Tried to give it to a homeless person and they didn’t even want it.

seattle 506

Everyone enjoying their basic ice cream. Just kidding… haha or am I?

seattle 510

Potatoes with glasses.

seattle 511

Jonny with dem portrait shots.

seattle 518

The next stop was the Starbucks Reserve. Super hipster Starbucks.

seattle 520

seattle 521

Coffee shop game on point.

seattle 526

seattle 529

Coffee art.

seattle 535

Live in the moment Abbitt.

seattle 545

Tea game on point too.

seattle 561

Borrowed this sweet tray from the Starbucks Reserve for rolling up blunts.

seattle 562

Deciding on the next destination.

seattle 567

It’s a cup from the Starbucks Reserve hanging on a tree while barely holding on to it’s own identity.

seattle 573

Couldn’t get enough of Henderson’s M3.

seattle 577

seattle 582

Taylor’s Mazda is fun to look at it as well. Got a lot of cool photos of this car because of the paint.

seattle 588

seattle 591

seattle 611

seattle 613

 Welp, the Space Needle was cool. Time for the next spot..

seattle 616

seattle 620

seattle 629

The locals took us to this spot for a spectacular view of the city, see for yourself.

seattle 630

seattle 634

seattle 637

seattle 638

The feels.

seattle 640

seattle 644

Obligatory visit to Dick’s before we ended the night. Part three coming soon…

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