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We’re back with part two of SEMA 2021 coverage, I didn’t plan on coming back to SEMA for day 2, but I was picked up by Miguel to hang out. When he said he wanted to hang out, I didn’t think he meant at SEMA.

Coming down the escalators, we got to see the Hoonigan burnout pit in action.

This is the goodest boy at SEMA.

This is the baddest boy at SEMA, Chivas Sotelo.

Spotted Yogi out and about and Miguel looking so in love with him.

Unfunctional and low? Sign me up.

The new Type S looks pretty nice! I wish I didn’t just get the new TLX or I would’ve waited for this.

This awesome Honda S800 which is the predecessor to the Honda S2000.

I was fanboying for a moment when I realized it was owned by Daniel Wu from the Badlands. I’m really sad that they cancelled the show, it was supposed to be a modern take on the chinese saga,  “The Monkey King” series.

A classic livery on the latest Supra. Now enjoy this compilation of Supras I saw at SEMA below…


The new Corvette still had me speechless when I saw it for the second time.

It’s now a show without RWB.

This Jimny from Car Style Japan is so dope.

Rocking a never released FTP box sticker.

Jaw dropping FD that had a crowd around it every time I walked by.

Thanks for checking out this year’s SEMA coverage! Maybe, I’ll be back next year!


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