Southern Worthersee Part Four | Throw Back

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Throwing it back to one of the most memorable events/trips to enjoy different automotive culture than what I am used to in Southern California. Also, took me awhile to edit through the pictures as I rarely do take pictures, however, I recently picked up a Sony A7II with the kit lens, and it has motivated me to shoot more pictures as well as video of course.

DAY ONE: We arrived in Helen, Georgia very early in the morning, and already got greeted by familiar faces, and a lot of different quality ones.

A lost SoCal tribesmen came to greet us as well.

Through my network over at Mazda Fitment, I recognized Nate’s Miata parked in a random parking lot. Definitely as lovely in person as on the internet.

The new finish on the OZ Turbos was a nice touch to the new vinyl wrap theme.

On this trip, I told Ryo he had to come out to an East Coast event before he went back to Japan. Definitely glad he took my word for it, cause he was blown away. Ryo you will be missed!

This VW stood out amongst the rest. Liked it a lot.

Alex Goldstein’s E92 M3 On BBS RS2 wheels. Got the pleasure of shooting this car, which you can see later on in this post.

Another Mazda that I recognize through my network at Mazda Fitment. Also, got to meet the owner, was pretty cool.

Absolute love the direction Chris has had with this car of recent. Always well done through nearly all the stages of this car.

The south has some amazingly smooth roads and awesome twists. Really wanted a proper car to take it on a nice spirited drive here.

Southern beauty. Found this random pond/lake. Definitely not the nature we are used to in Southern California.

This E46 M3 had an excellent blend of style with the Weds Kranze LXZs.

One of a decent number of Miatas at SOWO. This one on AME made Fatlace FZERO1.

Another euro that blended a different style to the mundane usual stuff you would see on a euro.

This is a husband and wife pair right here. Both into some rad vintage euros; the bug and the bus.

Something I am more used to seeing back home.

Loved the fender to lip of the wheel fitment. On point fife.

DAY TWO: We stayed at Chris’s cabin about a few miles out of Helen, and came back the next day to continue exploring Helen.

Behind that door was bad things.

I have seen a few pictures of this in the past floating around from Southern Fresh. Finally get to meet Justin and his LS400.

Kyle’s 326power’d out GS300. Got to shoot both of these later on as well.

The Risky Devil yacht. AJ bought this down from Arizona to Chicago to Georgia.

Found an awesome spot to shoot the cars. Here is Alex’s E92 M3.

Loving the southern back drop. A nice different scenery that we are usually used to in SoCal.

Horse friends.

Kyle’s GS300 enjoying that southern air.

It’s Fun To Do Bad Things.

Love the rear end of this one with all those lines and details. Kyle just needs to insert the tips ;]

Justin’s LS400. Custom wide body.

Love the aggressive boss presence this has.

Those fender cuts. Love it.

Got to enjoy another East Coast trip with Ryan and his WRX. This time around the car has changed quite a lot since then.

Always a pleasure to enjoy Ryan’s southern hospitality.

DAY THREE: On the last day in Helen we were back in town seeing what was left. Still a good number of cars and quality stuff laying around. This Miata was on point with the BBS RFs.

The iconic Walking Dead location. Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta, Georgia from the sky.

And back home to SoCal we went. Definitely loved this trip and event. The vibe and feel is different than H2Oi, and is definitely an experience I will continue to try to repeat.

I'm from Orange County, California just doing what I have grown to love. You can follow me at my Instagram and Tumblr: @ShaviW

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