The Night Ends.

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It has been awhile since some of us have seen each other and been able to hangout. So, we decided to go to our old familiar hang out spots to just hang out like the good old days. This familiar place is called “The Lair.” Why? Because this is the place we would always end our night of doing hoodrat stuff together. It is an awesome place to be and the lighting there is quite interesting; always get some memorable shots.

A quick video filmed and edited by Shavi W. of what the Lair is about. Friends and good times.

Three perfect examples of the good-side of the Honda community, which we all hear negative things all the times, whether it is the driver or the car itself.

Two different platforms with Work Wheels. Vinh’s STi with the new CR Ultimate and Neel’s Accord with the classic CR-KAI.

Minh’s SC400, still in progress and Nick’s SC400 sharing an intimate moment together.

Our lone wolf. The Euro. Alex’s E36 on Style 32s.

Tyler and Nathan came to the Lair with us that night as well. Two clean BMWs.

Neel’s Honda Accord. He has had this for so long and has always been one of the best-looking Accords out there since. Props to Neel.

David’s Honda Civic is now back to stock, and is now in the hands of a new owner. Can not wait to see what he chooses for his next car.

Baby Ella is too cute; makes you just wanna cuddle with it all the time.

Here are some faces behind Royal Origin.
This is Jay aka Epileptic drives a Mazda Miata NA, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Royal Origin.

This is Vinh aka Vinhnumber drives a Subaru STi, and Author and Photographer at Royal Origin.

This is Keith (boyfriend material) aka Keychain drives a 2000 Honda Accord, and Author and Photographer at It’s JDM Yo.

This is Angelo aka Mr.FobbyAccent drives a Nissan 350z, and Author and Photographer at Royal Origin. Word on the street is he is selling his car.

This is Celso aka Nimo drives a Lexus IS300 and Honda Accord. One of the Founders of Royal Origin. Here he is with some grape drink and fried chicken in celebration of Black History Month. No Racial.

And that is how we ended the night.

-Shavi W. & Nguass

I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.


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