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3 months into 2020 and we are already going through some shit, World War III scares, Kobe Bryant’s death, and now the corona virus. All of these large events being cancelled because of the spread of the corona virus has been a reality check on the situation at hand. It was disappointing that even Final Bout was cancelled and only the drivers were allowed to attend the event. I really wanted to see some sick tandems and styled up drift cars, but the safety of the public is more important. Auto Factory Realize planned a low key pre meet for Final Bout and I knew that was my chance to see some cool drift cars.

I finally got a new wing for the SC. This is the Big Country Labs cup cake wing with Aero Wolf end plates.

Rodney decided to wrap his car purple for Final Bout. It looks pretty good!

Man this S13 is on point.


Auto Factory Realize

I think this is my first time seeing Sara’s  S2000 at a meet.

The highlight of the night was watching Team Beautiful Boy get their cars over speed bumps.

Pretty cool to see Boso Style in California.

Wash your hands friends!


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