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My wife woke up one morning and said she needed an adventure, so being the amazing husband that I am, I planned a last minute trip to the bay. Luckily, Hayle had just moved into her apartment and had a spot for us to crash. She was also willing to be our tour guide that weekend.

Our first stop was Devil’s Teeth Baking Company for their famous breakfast sandwiches.

The look of satisfaction.


Devil’s Teeth is also known for their fresh cinnamon rolls.

We did a quick hipster photo shoot, Hayle was trying to look fresh with the fruit.

Next we went to Sutro Baths where no one bathes. I was at the right place because I didn’t shower that morning.

Fun fact this is where Kyren asked Hayle to be his girlfriend. Kyren: So, do you want to go out? Hayle: We’re already out…

Couple’s goals.

We’re not as photogenic as Hayle and Kyren..

After getting exhausted from walking up these steps, we were glad we didn’t go to the 15 mile hike that we had planned.

Our next stop would be the California Academy of Science.

Albino alligator. He’s probably the one that talks to the cops when he’s with his other gator friends.

It’s crazy how there is a different environment in each section of the building.

Hayle and Julia enjoy looking at fish swimming and thinking about eating sushi for dinner.

We went into the planetarium and immediately napped.

For lunch, we went to Brenda’s French Soul Food for some craw fish beignets.



Can you tell we really liked it?

Fried chicken benedict!

The next day we met up with Clinton, Vinh and Rica for Pepper Lunch! One of my favorite restaurants in NorCal and my number one priority when I’m up here.

So simple yet so delicious.

After lunch, we  made the journey to Pleasonton for Meadowlark Dairy.

Meadowlark dairy has the best soft serve I have ever tasted.

Orgasm in your mouth.

Kyren is a lucky man.

Afterwards, we spotted this slammed IS300 on the way to Wekfest.. You can check out the coverage here..

Wekfest San Jose 2018 | Event Coverage

After Wekfest, we met up with Nimo and the boys for Spartan’s crispy tacos.

Nimo ended up doing a suicide trip just for Wekfest. Crazy guy.

The next morning we went to Facebook to visit Hayle at work for lunch.

I don’t even like sparkling water, but I took one because it was free.

Our tour guide and the person who always reacts and answers the tour guide.

Facebook has snack stations all over the campus for employees to grab for free. Here we have a Filipino mom stuffing her backpack with chips.

We got some photos with the infamous Instagram booth.

This campus ridiculous. They have restaurants everywhere for employees to eat for free.

An arcade and a place to watch all the sports.

We went to the burger shack for their custom burgers.

Thanks Hayle for being the best host! Get me a job at Facebook!

Spontaneous adventures are the best.


I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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