Wekfest San Jose 2018 | Event Coverage

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Wekfest San Jose, the super bowl of car shows. The car show people from other states come to show at and even other countries. It’s been a while since the last time we were up here for this show and I was lucky my wife wanted to get out of town and what better way to trick someone to go to a car show than telling them we’re going to San Jose for a mini vacay.

The quality of car builds is the reason why it’s the super bowl of car shows. Check out this wide body Ferrari from Endless Projects.

A ton of car enthusiasts both young and old here to touch their favorite cars.

Kevin miraculously made it with his EK after having some issues the night before roll-in.

Last minute addition to the Greddy Performance line up is Nimo’s Civic.

E60 Daddy’s freshly finished metal widebody. Killing the BMW VIP game.

Old & New kited Porsche on RVL wheels.

Have you guys seen the meme about the “Okay” sign being a symbol for “white power”? Well Pandem is all about it.

I will never get over the look of a RWB Porsche.

Thanks for the support!

Karuma out here slanging some heat.

Taylor and Kevin.

Adry and Nimo.

Damn hella low.

Sick R33 even though it’s pink.

When a crew lines up your dream car like a dealership display. NSXs in all sorts of packages.

The best finish for any type of wheel. SBC.

Findingnimo and E60daddy.

Everyone thought this Type R Civic was Nimo’s car.

Too be honest, I didn’t even notice this truck was inside the convention center. Holy crap.

It was nice to come back to Wekfest after the hiatus. It made me miss making the journey up here. Maybe we’ll be back soon with all of our cars.. Check out the roll out footage in our next post!


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