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Joey from The Chronicles invited us to a private little morning car meet at his shop, we thought we were pretty special until he posted the flyer for the public. Either way we were gonna come out to support and I was planning to take my own car, but found out the morning of someone tried to jack my wheels because two of my lug studs were broken off. A thief wasn’t going to deter me from attending the meet, luckily everyone had planned to meet at my house, so I was able to get a ride.

We have to start this post with Joey’s famous Mode Parfume Q45 kitted Work Meisters M1.

Ryan’s super clean E30 on Volk TE-37s.

Usually double parking isn’t cool, but when you have a sick ass Integra, it’s cool.

This cars and coffee is a lot better than the one in South OC because all cars are welcomed and it starts at 8AM.

Red looks so good in overcast weather and it looks even better when it’s on a NSX on Mugen MF10s.

A lot of tastefully done Hondas this morning. It’s expected when you’re going to a Chronicle’s meet.

Miguel’s bran new Civic already with cut springs and baseball bat rolled fenders. #HOODRATstuff

John’s Corvette on Forgestars.

Ashton’s Pandem E36 on his new set of customWork Meisters.

Our favorite at the meet was this TSX on Volk ZE40s. It’s just really tastefully done.

We would have loved to see John and this Supra go do some high way pulls.

Thanks Joey for the water and the good times! We hope there will be a Cars and Coffee 2!


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