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Every year Toyo Tires hosts a photography gallery event called “Shutter Space”, where they show some of the best automotive photography. The event happened to be down the street from where I live, so me and some of the boys decided to come and check it out. 

The parking lot was already packed with sick cars.


Rodney’s wack Cressida.

The gallery was poppin’.

Phaze 2 out in front.

Jerald’s Pandem RC350.

Pandem E46 on Work Meisters.

Noel’s infamous FRS.

Supra craze.

Toyo had this sick RWB in display inside of the gallery.

Our “Dreams” coach jacket available on

We spotted a guy reppin’ one of the OG tees we did.

Pink never looked so good.

John’s crazy custom widebody NSX.

Clean FD on Enkei RPF1.

JDM love.

Spotted Louie’s Miata on the way to my car. So clean!

An even crazier FD hidden away in the huge parking lot.

Ending it with this crazy cambered Z3. Thanks for visiting!


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