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We got new merch for Royal Origin/HOODRATstuff and we needed new photos for the site. I was able to convince Becky to shoot with us again, but first we had to stuff our bellys.

Julia and Becky in the “Dreams” hoodie and tee.

I got the shaken beef grilled cheese and we got the chicken and bacon waffle fries.

All of these photos are mostly bloopers you can check out the real photos at

Best facial expression of the whole photo shoot.

“Dreams”coach hoodie which is water proof too.

Brought back coach jackets with the new “Underground Kings” coach jacket.

Also back is the “Basic” hoodies and tees.

Heritage dad hat still available also!

Red Room Concepts doing work.

One of my favorite tees is the “Forgiveness” tee.

Thanks for the help today guys! Make sure ya’ll

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