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Some photos I took of the past Spocom show in Anaheim. I wasn’t planning to attend the show, but Phat had some extra tickets and we happened to finish eating dinner in the area. We arrived right before they were announcing awards, so I was able to get some pretty sweet photos with little to no by standers in the way.

Clean Porsche bagged on OZ Futuras.

Phat’s Cayman stuntin at the Braum booth.

You already know what it is, IDL Design with that money line up. Starting with Jerald’s Rocket Bunny RC350.

You already know the original internet breaker, Noel’s Varis FRS.

Mikey’s famous Old & New Porsche.

Joey’s freshly painted Q45. Looking real classy.

How do I get into the bail business?

One of the sickest FD’s out right now. I didn’t know so much awesomeness could be packed into one car.

All my favorite shades of red.

RYWire Integra, Spoon USA Civic and Evasive Motor Sports S2000. All looking real good.

Toyo Tires always has the coolest cars at shows.

Pandem E36 on BBS LM wheels.

John Fob’s amazing NSX.

The craziest car at Spocom in my opinion would be this E36 with a GTR engine swap.

It’s been a while since John and Henry went to a car event, here they are looking hella confused.

Two completely different styles, both on AIR LIFT.


The best part of a car show is the roll out. Glad we got to see it on the way out.


Ending it with the Central Pine Q45 scrapping in front of my Elantra. Hope you enjoyed the photos, thanks for visiting.


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