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Washington has been one of the states that I’ve been wanting to visit on the west coast for the longest time. Mostly because of the vibes the city gives like that mellow foggy winter hike kind of vibe. It’s hard to explain, but it seems like everyone who lives there takes awesome photos on instagram. So, I definitely wanted to go out there to get some good photos and hang out with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

seattle 010

 Watching the sunset on the way to a new journey was a beautiful moment.

seattle 014

seattle 019

After a brief 2 hour nap, we woke up in Seattle and the city welcomed us with it’s bright lights.

seattle 020

Some bokeh night feels.

seattle 024

seattle 025

Just by driving on the freeway, you could already feel the chill vibes through the tunnels. It must be fun to cruise through these tunnels in a fun car with wide open throttle.

seattle 038

The first stop would be Dick’s Burgers where we would meet a couple of friends and try the infamous Washington based burger joint.
seattle 060

Surprisingly, there was a plethora of awesome cars already posted at the meet when we arrived. Like Taylor’s MZ3, even though he wasn’t driving it.

seattle 063

Super Highwaii’ Miata owned by the infamous Youtube sensation Vickie Mun.

seattle 065

seattle 067

seattle 069

seattle 071

The Dick’s Deluxe burger at first it had a whatever taste to it, but after a while I was just craving more for some reason.

seattle 078

Abbitt and his long lost brother having a talk about why living in Washington is so awesome. Just kidding, it was just a really cracked out dude talking to us about some random shit.

seattle 079

Slammed TL on MB Battles. Pretty ridiculous camber on this thing.

seattle 080

S13 Coupe fitted with a BN Kit and retro headlights. Sick stance.

seattle 082

seattle 084

seattle 086

seattle 087

Man do we love Dick’s. Multiple at a time..

seattle 089

seattle 092

seattle 095

seattle 097

Clean Mugen RSX on CE28s.

seattle 099

seattle 101

Ryan from Cake Face clothing brought out his clean 350z bagged on LXZs.

seattle 105

Henderson arriving fashionably late.

seattle 108

seattle 110

New friend, Yoshi’s G35 slammed on AME Tracers.

seattle 112

seattle 115

seattle 116

seattle 118

seattle 120

seattle 122

seattle 124

seattle 126

seattle 129

That fender fuck.

seattle 130

Henry’s STI on Volk TE37s.

seattle 135

seattle 131

The crowd of new Washington friends.

seattle 139

seattle 142

seattle 156

After the meet, we were still hungry so we decided to go get some pizza in downtown Seattle at Hot Mama’s. On the way there we got some sweet rollers of Vickie’s Miata.

seattle 166

seattle 199

seattle 229

seattle 249

Guys really love the RO crown sticker.

seattle 255

Hot Mama’s pesto, sausage and pepperoni pizza. Bomb.

seattle 259

We took over this little restaurant.

seattle 264

seattle 267


seattle 269

seattle 271

The Potatoe Glasses.

seattle 275

seattle 281

seattle 288

seattle 303

seattle 315

seattle 335

Abbitt got some good video coverage from this night. It should be coming soon, but until then watch out for part two of our Washington adventures.

I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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