Wekfest San Jose 8.10.14

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 Wekfest in Northern California has always been the show to attend to get inspiration for my own car build. Hundreds of elite car owners from the surrounding area always attend and on top of that Wekfest also screens the cars before they can even bring their car to the venue. This event is the place to be at and showing your car is a blessing within itself. I didn’t get much coverage of the show itself because I don’t own a wide angle lens yet and this year for some reason parts of the show were really cramp and made it very difficult to shoot.

wfsj 005

Vendors getting a head start on preparing their booths. Vendor display is everything if you want to attract show goers to your booth.

wfsj 009

 MBN Mikey unloading his pristine Integra.

wfsj 010

 Always a pleasure to Johnne’s 5 series on Infinite Werks wheels.

wfsj 129

Johnne’s sick interior, this bottle was empty by the end of the show…

wfsj 130

wfsj 018

An infinite amount of infinite wheels.

wfsj 012

 For the first time in forever Brendan showed at a car show with us. His car was looking mighty fine with his new SSR SP1.

wfsj 015

Blood in, blood out.

wfsj 024

My favorite M5 in the world only because the owner likes to tug on my penis after a hug.

wfsj 026

A collection of clean cars displayed at Wekfest. Only the best of the best can show at this show. Not sure why we’re here though…

wfsj 028

Ojay’s award winning Van on newly powder coated BBS RS. In my opinion, it contrasts much better with his car.

wfsj 029

0 to 100 at a car show real quick.

wfsj 032

Your car show isn’t a car show if it doesn’t have an RWB present.

wfsj 034

3rd generation IS bagged on VIP Modulars. Rockin’ some wheels from a fully customized wheel company, I wish this car had more fitment.

wfsj 038

Aired out Q45 on some Work Rezaxs.

wfsj 039

Liberty Walk always goes hard. It says so on the fender.

wfsj 040

Murdered out xB on SSR MS1.

wfsj 042

Rabbit tuck. I think Chris uses those wheels to grate his carrots.

wfsj 044

Damn, Mark’s van is finally running. Glad to see it at the show.

wfsj 045

His other Volkswagen.

wfsj 048

David’s Rocket Bunny needs more space for people to really enjoy it.

wfsj 051

Phat take notes.

wfsj 056

Keith’s IS300 made the trek up here in one piece surprisingly.

wfsj 058

Gerard’s MR2 on gold VS-XX.

wfsj 059

This Passat looks like the type of car to go on an adventure with.

wfsj 061

One my favorite Lotus’s, I absolutely love seeing this car.

wfsj 062

Not sure why there was so much space left over at the show, kinda sucks the vendor area had to be so cramped.

wfsj 064

SSR MS3 look real good tucked on this G35.

wfsj 065

Platinum VIP always bringing out the classic VIP cars out.

wfsj 143

wfsj 067

I heard there’s a lot of jobs out there for design.

wfsj 069

Job Design looks so fucking good I want to rape it.

wfsj 070

Some trance style on this TSX.

wfsj 071

I think Gerald got replaced…………

wfsj 072

Ray’s Integra looking pretty gangster.

wfsj 074

Chivas on newly built Rotiform TMBs.

wfsj 075

Engine bay meticulous as always.

wfsj 077

Less colors would do great for this G35.

wfsj 078

Vankulture bringing out all the soccer dads.

wfsj 079

wfsj 080

wfsj 081

wfsj 082

wfsj 092

This is Amuse wide body s2000 looks pretty gangster on Volk CE28s and a Voltex GT wing.

wfsj 083

wfsj 084

 A 9th generation Civic done right.

wfsj 089

Another car that needs space for attendees to enjoy.

wfsj 091

8th generation Mugen RR Civic rocking the new CCW D110.

wfsj 093

Surprised to see non imports and more old school classic cars at Wekfest. Definitely a good change of pace from all the imports.

wfsj 095

Another FD2 converted Civic on CCWs.

wfsj 096

John Fob’s GTR needs to be one color.

wfsj 097

This all motor H series EK looks pretty gnarly. It probably had the most space to demonstrate the craziness of this build.

wfsj 098

Everybody be rocking SSR or CCWs at this show.

wfsj 099

When you think you have a bad ass car then you see this car and it makes you feel like shit.

wfsj 103

wfsj 101

J’s Racing everything.

wfsj 102

Thanks Reg for showing with us!

wfsj 105

wfsj 106

Way fucking cooler than that one E36 that was in our crew. Not joking.

wfsj 107

What I said previously about thinking you have a cool car…

wfsj 109

Porsche game killed.

wfsj 110

wfsj 111

wfsj 112

Robros Customs slowly making progress on their GTR with some coilovers and Rotiform wheels.

wfsj 115

Some of the best products to use on your car. Buy it here…

wfsj 122

Every single person here brought a car…

wfsj 123

Sick Elites shirt from Wekfest, sad I wasn’t able to get one because of the crazy line.

wfsj 131

 Thanks to our supporters for always coming through and grabbing some merch!

wfsj 152

Krizchelle rockin out new HOODRATstuff beanie. Unfortunately already sold out.

wfsj 133

 Once brothers now one is faster and the other is way lower…

wfsj 151

I can’t believe Jimmy’s Civic made it up here at this height.

wfsj 138

wfsj 141

wfsj 142

 Looks like people are waiting for a pick up game of soccer.

wfsj 144

 I want one but it would not fit in my parking space at home.

wfsj 145

wfsj 147

wfsj 149

 Elissa Alva’s booth busy as always.

wfsj 156

 Why is it every time I ask these guys if they want a photo together Jimmy goes in for a kiss?

wfsj 160

 Nimo got jealous…

wfsj 166

Congrats to Keith for winning Best IS of the festival!

wfsj 169

 The crew coming home with three trophies. Thanks Wekfest and Pure VIP for the awards! We go to car shows not for the awards, but to show the world what our cars look like outside of social media and mostly to interact with people who enjoy cars.

wfsj 193

 I wanted to get photos of the show cars in a natural habitat like on the streets. Cars always look a thousand times better when they’re rolling. I joined the many car show attendees outside of the venue to watch everyone roll out.

wfsj 194

wfsj 244

wfsj 242

wfsj 206

wfsj 214

wfsj 222


wfsj 218

wfsj 229

wfsj 240

wfsj 260 wfsj 262

wfsj 264

wfsj 268

wfsj 279

wfsj 280

wfsj 288

wfsj 297


When your midlife crises and your reality meet.

wfsj 300

wfsj 302

wfsj 309

wfsj 312

wfsj 315

wfsj 317

wfsj 318

wfsj 322

wfsj 327

wfsj 332

wfsj 336

wfsj 348

wfsj 351

wfsj 355

wfsj 363

wfsj 365

wfsj 371

wfsj 378

wfsj 384

wfsj 391


wfsj 390

wfsj 394

This is probably the sickest GS in the United States right now.

wfsj 393

wfsj 405

wfsj 407

wfsj 412

wfsj 422


wfsj 416

wfsj 420

wfsj 434

wfsj 619

wfsj 708

wfsj 737

wfsj 774

wfsj 546

wfsj 439

wfsj 446

wfsj 448

wfsj 459

wfsj 461

wfsj 467

wfsj 472

wfsj 479

wfsj 482

wfsj 491

wfsj 493


wfsj 500

wfsj 511

wfsj 518

wfsj 540

wfsj 549

wfsj 551

wfsj 571

wfsj 582

wfsj 586

wfsj 589

wfsj 597

wfsj 603

wfsj 609

wfsj 616

wfsj 623

wfsj 627

wfsj 629

wfsj 638

wfsj 645

wfsj 661

wfsj 664

wfsj 665

wfsj 666

wfsj 669

wfsj 674

wfsj 676

wfsj 678

wfsj 682

wfsj 687

wfsj 693

wfsj 695

wfsj 711

wfsj 723

wfsj 725

wfsj 727

wfsj 740

wfsj 744

wfsj 759

wfsj 764

wfsj 767

wfsj 771

wfsj 791

wfsj 792

wfsj 803

wfsj 806


wfsj 815

wfsj 820

wfsj 823

wfsj 825

wfsj 826

wfsj 830

wfsj 812






wfsj 833

wfsj 837

wfsj 840

wfsj 849

wfsj 861

wfsj 862

wfsj 870

wfsj 878

wfsj 895

wfsj 897

wfsj 916

wfsj 922

wfsj 930

 Where did the front bumper go?

wfsj 936


Now that is a good girlfriend, she had to walk out of the venue and a couple of blocks to bring her boyfriend’s front bumper to him.

wfsj 941

wfsj 945


Keith’s IS300 parked in front of the hotel.

wfsj 947


wfsj 954

wfsj 971

wfsj 1013

 Well I hoped you enjoyed this coverage and there are always more photos in the gallery. Thank you to Wekfest for allowing us to be at the show and thank you to everyone who came by to support us. Sadly, I think this will be the last time we’ll be at the Norcal Wekfest event. The cost and stress of everything doesn’t seem worth it. We will still be a big supporter of Wekfest and attend the local events.  Thank you for reading!



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