Cars, Women, & Hoodratstuff

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Royal Origin – Cars, Women, & Hoodratstuff from Vu Pham on Vimeo.

We took a couple of bagged cars, beautiful ladies, and some of our street wear out for a nice day at the park.
For more, visit and to pick up some of the wear visit

Special thanks to:
EPonym (Song: EPonym & ESTA – H&B)

Steve Dam (@instadammmn)

Nathalia (@nattykboo)
Heather (@yofatassma)
Nancy (@_nancysm)

Minh Nyugen (@nguass) (Owner: IS250)
Celso Nimo (@celsonimo)
Henry Nguyen (@hennessy_henry)
Shavi Wijegunaratne (@shaviw)

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