Street Sweeping to Cutting Meat

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 This day happened because Dax from the Street Sweeper Gang saw my photo of John’s Integra on Instagram. Dax was going to be in town for Formula Drift Long Beach, so he wanted to shoot John’s car before FDLB. In Royal Origin fashion, we caravanned with 3 slammed cars to meet up with Dax.

Formula Drift 002

Vinh’s car looks amazing rolling.

Formula Drift 006

Perfect front fitment.

Formula Drift 011

The star of the show. All glammed up and ready for the shoot.

Formula Drift 012

Vinh’s here to take some of the spotlight.

Formula Drift 017

On the way to the shoot, we encountered some problems…

Formula Drift 018

Vinh got stuck on this 3-inch bump.

Formula Drift 023

Back on the road again.

Formula Drift 021

Formula Drift 025

We found this small strip of the highway that overlooked the freeway. It made for some crazy long exposure freeway shots.

Formula Drift 037

Wish there were more cars on this freeway.

Formula Drift 048

Stole some light from Dax while he was shooting. I even timed my camera at the same time as him. Haha.

Formula Drift 044

Before Dax was ready to shoot, Kevin and I played around with light painting and got this pretty cool shot. I had to leave right after the shoot to go meet up with Yogi and Taryn. Taryn was visiting all the way from New Zealand and Yogi wanted to show her some neat food places.

Formula Drift 054

It also turned into a mini car meet with some familiar faces like Daniel’s STI.

Formula Drift 055

Yogi’s bagged GS.

Formula Drift 052

Whoring out my car a bit.

Formula Drift 058

Random van. We weren’t too sure whose car it belongs to.

Formula Drift 059

Front lip/bumper is a bit crazy for my taste, but I definitely can appreciate the work put into this xB.

Formula Drift 060

1st and 2nd generation Lexus IS.

Formula Drift 061

Formula Drift 062

Formula Drift 063

Yogi, showing off the air controller.

Formula Drift 057

Noel’s FRS is so cool. I could take photos of it all day.

Formula Drift 066

Formula Drift 064

Formula Drift 065

Another day filled with cars. Life is good.



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