See You at WekFest SF 2012!

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Royal Origin will be making a trip out to San Francisco for Wekfest this year. We aren’t exactly taking all our cars there, but just enjoying a little trip out of Southern California to visit our brothers and sister of the North, and those coming in from all over the world for this one.

These are some of the places that we will be visiting or at least plan on visiting as we approach our final destination are the following:

1. Fatlace Paddock – San Mateo, CA

2. RWB USA Headquarters – San Mateo, CA

3. Canibeat Pre-Wekfest Meet – Fremont, CA

4. TBA

If you meet any of us, be sure to say “hi”, and ask about our Royal Origin stickers we will be carrying with us, cause you could get some for free. We are pretty excited as for some of us going this will be our first time at the original San Francisco edition Wekfest (even though this is the alternate location now). So, we hope everyone else is as excited as we are.

-Shavi W

I'm from Orange County, California just doing what I have grown to love. You can follow me at my Instagram and Tumblr: @ShaviW

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