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Time has literally been my enemy lately. I’ve been juggling work, off-roading trips, my wife, weddings and more! There seems to be no time to just go cruise in my car and take some photos. I had one open Saturday and decided to hit up Phat and Ashton to shoot their cars with their new Kansei Corsa wheels.

We got some sick rollers on the way to the location. Phat’s Cayman looks badass rolling.

Best side roller of Phat’s Cayman.

Ashton’s E90 M3 is a beast of a car.

Sunset with two best friends.

Ashton’s E90 M3 is so subtle, but looks aggressive as hell.

Phat’s Cayman is the total opposite. No subtle asian traits here.

Meaty fitment is the best fitment.

The Kansei Corsa wheels fit perfectly on Ashton’s E90.


Everyday is a battle.

Ashton needs tighter clothes, Phat needs bigger clothes.



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