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Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 | Event Coverage

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 Imagine quitting your job and forgetting you still have a Japan trip planned with your ex-employer. Welp, that’s exactly what I did on this year’s Japan trip. Every time I’m in some sort of cross road in my life, a journey to Japan always happens. This year I was more excited to hang out with Ryo since his job was a lot more flexible than previous years. He was actually able to hang out with us and take us on some food adventures which will be up soon! Ryo picked us up bright and early because he didn’t want to get stuck in the Friday morning TAS traffic.

You know you’re going to a dope car event when there are nice cars en route to the show.

The driver was a older gentlemen, I wish my grandpa was this cool.

The parking lot is always lit at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Thhis Mark X on TE-37s is just amazing!

90’s Era Supra vs 2020’s Supra.

I feel like my neck can twist a 360 from getting my neck broken by all the sick cars in the lot.

Inside was even more magical with cars from the top companies in Japan. These are the people who get us to spend on some dumb ass shit, so now it’s impossible for me to keep a car stock. Check out this sick Ford GT Development (GTD) Ford GT40 replica from Liberty Walk.

BN Sports had some sick drift builds like this wide RX7.

So cool to see your friend’s products at an event in Japan. Nice job Reggie!

That tow sticker is hilarious to me for some reason on this ready to drift R32.

Man how do they build such nice cars. I can’t even change my window wiper..

When soccer moms wanna flex too.

This FRS has such futuristic body lines reminds me of the Tesla Truck or a Gundam.

This year Tokyo Auto Salon collabed with Hello Kitty. A lot of cool merch was available for purchase.

When you really hate your neighborhood.

Something beautiful about a line of LED tail lights are near each other.

Car Modify Wonder cars are a dream come true. I hope to build my SC just 10% of this and I would be really happy.

The A90 Supra with HKS livery had to be done of course and it looks amazing.

Rodney was ready to accept a bukkake tsunami from his drift hero.

Please buy from shop.royal-origin.com. I need to spend my money on Japanese car parts.

Is it weird to have as a goal is to own a 326 Power kitted car? Like full suspension, body kit and same wheel fitment. It would never leave my driveway, but it would be super dope to own.

Honestly, I’m sure I missed out on a lot of cool cars, but the general audience were about to come in, so we decided to leave early because taking photos without the frenzy of the crowd would be impossible. Please stay tuned for more Japan posts!


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