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I remember when I first got into cars, Vinh invited me on a caravan cruise to a car meet in West Covina called TAB(Take a Break) Tuesday. This was my first time driving further than 30 miles outside my city and I was scared of getting lost. Luckily, I made it to the meet with the group and I was blown away by the awesome amount of cars that were at the meet. It was hosted at Store 13 and the parking lot was packed! It was my first experience going to a large scale car meet and it blew my mind how many people were into modifying cars. Years later, I would meet the person who started TAB Tuesday, Ron Sino Cruz. He was a super nice guy and was always welcoming to talk to anyone who had time. He was one of those people who had a genuine love for modifying cars, unlike kids today who do it for the internet fame. He was the leader of Team Supastar and I met a lot of cool people through that team when I was going with them to car shows. They made going to car shows fun and that was the vibe that I wanted for Royal Origin. Sadly, Ron passed away two years ago, last week his wife, Celine hosted a TAB Tuesday on his birthday at Speed Zone and we had to come out to this meet.

You know John’s ready to flex when he has his wing and canards on.

First caravan of the year with my SC, Kevin’s EK and John’s S2000.

Also first time in a while where we had more than 4 cars at a meet!

First cool thing we saw were these slammed VIP style Priuses.

Drift style E36 with a BN sports kit.

Clean convertible E46 on BBS RS.

Amazing this S13 was able to get over the speed bumps in the Speed Zone parking lot.

I need a CRX.

Rob’s sick Q45.

Ron always had an eye for building unique cars like his BMW 85Oi.


Who would put VS-KFs on a Mercedes SUV? Only Ron.

Taylor’s LS400 on vintage Rays Payton Place wheels.

Great times with the crew!

You will always be remembered Ron.


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