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Every year I don’t plan on surprising my wife with a surprise birthday dinner, I just don’t tell her we’re having one. This year we went to Gem Dining in Fountain Valley and got to try some of their tasty fusion foods.

Bone marrow elote.

Egg yolk pasta and beef tongue fried rice.

Tomahawk steak.

My favorite was the beef tongue. I need to go back for this.

Happy Birthday Julia.

The next morning we went on the Pioneer Town to Big Bear trail to see some snow.

Rolling out deep from left to right Angelo’s 4 Runner, my GX470, Taylor’s Tacoma, Shavi’s 4Runner and Justin’s Tacoma.

All the snow seemed to have melted, but luckily we had some mud to play in.

We saw this big mud pit and wanted to get some dope photos.

We grossly misjudged how deep this mud pit was. Look how deep it gets!!

Angelo still sent it!

Moe’s license plate barely hanging on after driving through the mud lake.

Cheers to not getting stuck.

Thanks for a fun Saturday morning!



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