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Karuma X VJC Tires Car Meet | Event Coverage

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The homies over at Karuma had their 3rd annual meet at VJC Tires this past weekend and it was super lit! When we pulled up to the meet we were already in dead stop traffic.

There was no place to park, so people just started parking in the middle of the street.

So awesome to see Karuma blow up! Congrats on all the success guys!

The main event, Shavi’s MS3 only leaves the garage once a year and the Karuma car meet was a worthy event to go to.

Danny’s Cima always looking pristine.

Nimo’s only working car at the moment.

Taylor’s famous LS400.

Jonathan’s slammed 370Z.

This meet had some of the sickest LS400s in California like AJ’s LS slammed on Work Emitz. Also have the LS400 tee that Karuma made in the background.

Instagram friends, but never met in real life. @snkrwiz SC is so sick!

The sun was hitting just perfect for all of the cars on the left side of the street.

The best static, Josh’s IS300 wagon on SSR Viennas.

Going around judging the shit out of people’s cars.


Congrats again to Karuma for a successful event and coming up lately! You guys are what the car community needs when it comes to good vibes and good times. That’s it for the coverage! I hope you enjoyed the photos and stay safe out there!


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