SEMA 2019 PART ONE | Event Coverage

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Somehow, I’m back again with some SEMA coverage. I never plan to go every year and somehow I end up here doing some coverage.


We arrived at SEMA at night and decided to go get dinner. Spotted these two clean Civics in the parking lot.

We went to Zen Curry and I got the pork cutlet which was delicious.

The next morning we went to SEMA and it was jam packed with people and amazing car builds.

The best display booth in my opinion had to be the Yokohama Tire booth, they were displaying various cars with the classic Advan livery.

Advan livery looks so damn good.

This Pandem S13 was setup right outside of the Toyo tread pass, but it demanded a lot of attention from spectators.

You know you built a legit car if it’s here on the Toyo Tires Treadpass.

BMW E24 are already cool, but damn the Coutner-Pandem kit just makes it even more special.

Jay Cray’s Pandem LC500 on Rotiform Six wheels.

Jay is always building something cool every year and this LC500 is probably one of his best builds. The airbrush on the wrap to accentuate the body lines is such a nice touch.

Old school Hondas still get love especially when they look like this.

Liberty Walk and Toyo Tires go together like sex and cigarettes.

This gold AE86 with a fully wire tucked Beams motor had me in awe during my time at the Toyo Treadpass. It even had the new Illest and The Hundreds collab steering wheel by Renown USA.

Wherever you were at this year’s SEMA, a Supra was only a few steps away.

Can I hold it?

The new Corvette is looking mighty fine.

Waited in line for Kevin to get this limited edition hot wheel from Eibach. It was even signed by the founder of Eibach.


This year they had an over lander experience which was just a bunch of mall crawlers with root top tents.

Derrick was really tired of seeing roof top tents.

I went back to the south hall and spotted this sick 370z at the Nissan booth.

Kansei Wheels had Rodney’s Cressida on display.

Had to visit the boys over at Greddy and check out the best Supra build of SEMA.

Chivas’s rig was over at the Spyder booth and the 4runner blended in well with the other mall crawlers.

Rays Wheels always bringing the heat at their booths.

This Supra out on display in the hallways looked pretty dope.

After SEMA, we met up with the Vegas boys for some sushi.

Chivas’s Corolla on some Gramlight 57CR.

Looking clean and it gets great MPG.

Aron’s GX460 as you’ve seen in previous RO Explore adventures now with a roof top tent.

Ending part one of our SEMA coverage with Vince’s clean 4runner, check back next time for part two of the SEMA coverage.


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