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2019 Auto Enthusiast Day presented by Nitto Tire | Event Coverage

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I’m in a mentorship program for kids at risk and thought it would be a good idea to take my mentee out to a car show. Good thing Auto Enthusiast Day was around and close to where my mentee lives, so we were able to go and check out the show.

I saw the Moonlight Runners cars at Toyota Fest, but it still amazes me when I see their cars.

My mentee Angel recognized this car right away. He asked if Brian O’Conner was here, I didn’t want to break the news to him..

The new Camry’s are looking pretty damn good.

Angel was really digging these headlights on this FRS.

Ojay’s old LS430?

This Accord ended up being Angel’s favorite car at the show.

The boys over at Karuma had a booth and their booth car was Adry’s Lexus IS350.

Just missing spoiler, tail lights and diffuser…

Meliton on the gram while someone works on his car. Must be nice.

This BMW wagon looks perfect on Kansei KNP Wheels.

This Toyota Corolla livery looks so sick.

Max Power’s old S14. Crazy this thing used to be parked at Illest OC all the time.

A last shot of my IS250 before everything is taken apart…

Overall Angel enjoyed the show, he just thought it was boring the demo cars were just driving in circles. Kids these days…

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