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I’ve been to Toyama many times, but I’ve never been here with Ryo. When we decided to go to Japan during golden week, Ryo offered us a place to stay in his hometown of Toyama. We didn’t want to miss the chance to live in the countryside for a couple of days and see the life of the Lowballers Japan.

Masao bought this Verosa for like dirt cheap. I think it was $500 because the owner thought it had a transmission problem. It ended up being an easy fix and now he has a 1jz equipped vehicle for $500.

Ryo’s Lexon GS430, so cool to see this thing roaming the streets of Toyama.

We made our way to a okonomiyaki(Japanese pancake) place where you make it on your own. This place is kind of like a Denny’s to the locals.

Hiroki and Masao showing us how it’s done!

Math and John mixing and laying out the pancakes to cook.

The finished product. Bone apple tea.

We slept over at Ryo’s parents spare house and it had a legit Hawaii theme throughout the house.

Woke up to Ryo starting up his Integra that he hasn’t seen in months. It still looks super clean.

We wanted to get some photos in before the day started of both of Ryo’s cars.

We met up with Hiroki and they took us to this amazing park with a river going through it.

This was rated one of the most beautiful Starbucks in the world. I’ve never seen such a long line for Starbucks before.

This was rated as one of the most beautiful friendships in the world.

Hiroki and his family.

For lunch, we went to a curry spot that is famous in Toyama.

I shit you not, this was the best curry I have ever had in my entire life. Seriously perfect in every way! I am literally drooling looking at this picture.

Next stop was Super Autobacs, we wanted to go to an Up Garage, but all of stores were closed for Golden Week. I don’t even know what kind of car this is.

Clean S13 on some Advan TCIIs.

Big boss Job Design LS460.

Julia so over this car shit.

Getting around in Ryo’s GS felt so cool.

For dinner, we got sushi and for the longest time Ryo has always said the sushi is the best in Toyama. He was not wrong.

We ended the night, Initial D style by going up the mountains, looking over the city and talking about fuck bugs.

Thank you Ryo, Masao and Hiroki for the hospitality! I can’t wait to come back to have more curry!







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