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Royal Origin Presents GIVING SZN | Event Coverage

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Sorry for the late coverage of our Giving SZN event with Greddy Performance! Sometimes Stance Magazine request photos for events I go to and I can’t release the photos until the magazine releases. Check out this month’s Stance Magazine for the coverage of this event!

We had Kenji’s family helping us receive the canned foods from generous donors.

The streets started to fill up early before the event even started.

Big Steve’s LS400 from Auto Fashion.

Amir’s time attack M3 was on display in our vendor area.

This Pandem E30 with the BMW classic livery was looking really nice.

Sparkle’s Rocket Bunny S13 still in great condition.

New member of Royal Origin, Sang’s Porsche Cayman on Fiften52 wheels.

Fresh from winning the GT award at SEMA is the Greddy’s Pandem FC.


Weird to see Kevan in the states, I used to only see him driving me around in Japan in his Chaser.

Someone donated 345 cans of Vienna sausage. Wow!

MC Celso Nimo.

This artist goes to car meets and draws cars for fun, Ashton’s E36 was the lucky car this time.

Another weird thing to see was Chris’s 350z back from the midwest.

Check out this tiny little car, peep the guy standing next to it for reference of size.

Greddy had the Boost Brigade store open and had tons of good deals!

Check out this E36 with the massive tuck!

Feels like Japan.

The CEO of Greddy thanking everyone for coming out to the canned food drive.

The winner of our ugly Christmas sweater contest won $50 and a tree that Kevin made.

The prize everyone was going for was this racing suit that was worn by Ken Gushi during the 2018 Formula Drift season. Luckily the person who won also fit the suit!

We were able to collect 1,907 lbs of canned food for South County Outreach!  A big thank you to all of the vendors who supported this event and to Greddy Performance for hosting the event.

Also shout out to Kevin for coming to us with this idea and planning everything!  Thank you to everyone who came out and we wish you all the good fortune and success for 2019! See ya’ll at our next event!


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