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Our first post and first car meet of the year! Toyo Tires and Super Street had a car meet for the Toyo Tire calendar launch at the Honda Center. It was a pretty close event, so we decided to swing by with the Karuma crew to see what’s good. You can check out our vlog here ..

We planned a meet up with some of the boys from Karuma, here we have Adry’s cat killing IS, Taylor’s LS400 and Frank’s Miata.

The internet has gone crazy for Taylor’s LS400 and you can definitely see why.

Vu ditched his Civic after a hydro lock incident and got into a Subaru. In my opinion, the Subaru is an upgrade from the Civic and more enjoyable to drive.

Vu already rocking our new Royal Origin banner and you can too! Get our banner here at shop.royal-origin.com!

Ashton’s Pandem E36 on Work Meisters and John’s Corvette on mag blue TE-37s. It’s always a beautiful thing to see Japanese wheels on various makes and models.

This sick bagged GTR on TE-37s, coincidentally was meeting up with a friend at our spot too.

When you see an NSX on the way to a car meet, it’s usually a good sign that the turn out is going to be good.

First time in a while there is more than two Royal Origin cars out.

If you ever want to check the strength of your front lip, try hitting a cat like Adry. PETA would be outrage.

Tom from Speed Image’s BMW M3 on ZE40s looks great!

Bagged Tesla Model 3 by our good friends over at Air Runner.

Clean S15 on TE-37s.

Kenji brought out the Pandem Mazda FC and got the prime parking spot.

Parked next to the Greddy FC was this bad ass Datsun Z.

Still the best Honda.

Jerald’s brand new LC500. What is it like to be this rich?

NSX on VS-XXs.

Junction Produce GS,

We were drooling all over this wide Miata on Work Meisters.

Thanks for the long time support Kouki Jacky!

This FRS pulled off the classic AE86 look with a 4 lug watanabe wheels and thick tires.

This track ready Datsun 510 looked like a beast in the back parking lot. It should have definitely been in the Toyo lot.

This IS looked pretty wild and the tail lights are so sick.

Keith aka k3ychain made it out and people were asking him all day what car he drove.

Nimo’s wagon on Koenig Monsters.

Rodeny’s Cressida with the new Mark 2 front end.

My IS250 still for sale…

Rounding up the boys to go eat.


I hope you finally got your stickers Calvin!

athanks for stopping by and it means a lot that you got this far in the post and with us through out the years. Whenever we see someone rocking our sticker it still trips us out. I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Photos by NGUMINH



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