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Part two of my ever so late SEMA coverage. Woke up to a haiwan breakfast by Meilani and got picked up by Chivas to head to SEMA. The best friends are those who cook for you and drive you places when you don’t have money or a car.

Chivas dropped me and Ryo off on the back side of SEMA and found these gems that I wouldn’t normally see if I didn’t get left here.

The older I get the more I find these Civic hatches more appealing. Weird.

I mean the new NSX is cool and all, but it feels unattainable..

Still the NSX is really cool to look at.

VVarrris  Varis FRS on Volkey TE37 is perfection.

No detail is spared for this Pandem FD. Amazing build.


Our friends over at Greddy built this cool Pandem Golf MK7 on Volk TE37s for Remark. Going to be seeing this car at the track alot driven by Scott Speed.

The new 2018 Civic coupe that they built for SEMA looks awesome. Simple and clean on CE28s.

These gauges are so cool. I need some in my life.

The only car I was actually looking for was the T-Demand LC500 built by Central Pine USA. Man this thing left me speechless and I actually walked around and learned a little about the details of the car.

Parked next to the LC500 was the T-Demand GS that was debut here at SEMA last year.

The owner of T-Demand showing Hiro from Stance magazine, how the quick the air suspension responds.

Our friends over at Ark Performance built this kit car that everyone was so curious about.  It’s like a Chex Mix of cars, they call it the Danza. Pretty sure Danza means Chex Mix in Korean.

Seeing the Junction Produce Rolls Royce in person was amazing. Too bad it wasn’t on the famed Scara wheels. I used to masterbate to the advertisement of this car in VIP Style Car Mag.

Check out part 3, next time I decided to get my life in order.


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