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Lately, as a group we developed a taste for American BBQ brisket. We’ve been going all over LA-OC looking for the best brisket, but everytime we go with Krstina she says it doesn’t compare to Houston. So, we decided to pack our bags and head to Houston for a Texas BBQ World Tour.

The day before, my co worker T let me have his Integra project. Me and John are going to build it strictly for track use because we’re too broke to register it. Shout out to Kenneth for helping us tow it home!

Anyways, we arrived in Houston and the first thing Krstina took us was to Rudy’s BBQ. A franchise BBQ spot that Krstina really likes.

Damn it was good and really cheap! I definitely recommend going here and getting moist brisket.

We met up with Krstina’s family to eat some Chinese food. Interesting place because you can bring your own bottle to drink.

Krstina took us to this amazing man made water fall which made for some cool silhouette photos.

Seattle meets Houston.

Had to get in some promo shots for our new jacket.

We went to go get some dessert to fulfill some sweet tooths.

Reppin’ everywhere.

We woke up hella early for the drive down to Austin because we wanted to try Salt Lick BBQ. Here’s a photo of the girls in front of the famed Austin painting.

Walked into a scene of hot links being cooked and the smell of meat made me feel tingly inside.

Ready to see what the hype was all about.

Shavi approved. My verdict is the food was good, but I think I would’ve been happy just going to Rudy’s. Meat is meat and as long it’s moist that’s all that matters to me.

Made it back to Houston to take some embarrassing tourist photos. Thanks Krstina and Abbitt for planning this trip! We finally got to have the taste of Texas meat in our mouth. All homo.


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