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One of the great things about living in Southern California and being an automotive enthusiasts is that there is always something car related to do every weekend. This weekend Abbitt hit us up to go check out Tuner Evolution which originated from the east coast. It was their first show in SoCal, so we wanted to see the difference between an east coast show and a west coast show.

Tune Evo was held at the famed Anaheim Convention Center. The parking is expensive and the workers suck here.

First thing we saw was this wide FRS on some equally wide 326 Power wheels.

This BN Sport S14 was my favorite car out of the whole show. Execution is flawless and you know I love red cars.

You already know it’s a new age car show when they have the RC drift car track set up.

Feeling this aggressive Subaru on Cosmis Racing wheels.

The rarest car at the show and in pristine condition is this Nissan Skyline Hakosuka. Nissan had so much style back then.

Spotted! You can get it here at

Tuner Evo is known for having a mini concert at their shows. Xavier Wulf would be performing later on today.

So many things were going at this event like this break dancing competition which was pretty wild.

Loving the livery on this S2000.

Awesome mom starting the love for cars for her child early.

Karuma holding it down at Tuner Evo. Make sure you swing by for some gear!

That’s the rear end of my car!

Anthony’s GS on Konig Monsters.

Love! love! The paint on this Miata and with such an aggressive aero setup to compliment the Work Meisters. Awesome execution.

Showing off the air jack and his big brake set up.

I’m surprised with all of this attention to detail, the owner of this car didn’t bedazzle the jack stands too.

Wow Tuner Evo even had a BMX competition going on..


Some things never change. Steve’s LS400 looking as good as always.

Tuner Evo is definitely a show to check out with the sick cars and various events going on. Non stop entertainment and a ton of sick cars. Hopefully I’ll be able to check out their east coast car shows one day.

Also wanted to post this photo of my wonderful meal after the Tuner Evo show. This is the shaken beef fries at Vox Kitchen. Until next time peeps!


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