The Throwback at Eibach Springs | Event Coverage

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If there was ever a time to throw some 90’s R&B and go for a cruise, it would be for an event like The Throwback at Eibach. This meet was a pre 2000’s import car meet, where you can get your 90’s nostalgia feel going on. Some of the homies were attending and we happened to all have some old ass cars. Also check out our very first vlog here!

Met up with the squad early in the morning for some McDonalds and so we could cruise into the meet together.

I got the SC put back together for the meet.

This is Derek’s Cressida that was recently wrapped by Rodney.

Nimo brought out the wagon to try to get into the meet.

Rodney brought out his homie’s R33.

The day before I got a little crazy with some stickers for the SC…

We got there pretty early and there were already some premium cars.

This is what I would want my SC to be, Vertex and some TE-37s.

Some sick Mazdas rolling in early.

First time seeing a BN Sports kitted Cressida in person and I must say it looks damn good.

It aint the 90’s without the Hondas.

Some clean 240’s to complete the 90’s era feel.

In the blazing hot sun of Corona, CA we have this super hot FD on Advans RZ.

We left in the middle of the meet to go eat sushi, good thing Nimo’s BMW got denied entry because it wasn’t an “import”.

A rare sighting of what once was.

When we got back to the meet, it was almost empty, but the red cars in the middle still stood.

John brought out the NSX to it’s last meet before it gets shipped out to the new owner in Boston. We’ll have a full feature coming soon..

Not a pre-2000 car, but still awesome as hell to see.

Sleeping beauty Ardy.

The gang’s all here.

Shout out to my car for not breaking down today. You’re the real MVP. Also a big thanks to John for fixing my windows!!

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