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This past Japan trip I wanted to show my wife everything I have ever experienced from my past 7 trips to Japan and that meant I would need to condense 7 Japan trips into one week. We took the earliest train from Tokyo to Hiroshima so we could visit the Hiroshima Memorial Museum and be able to get dinner in Osaka.

Convenience store food is still the best thing about Japan.

I really like public transportation in Japan and the architecture at small train stations.

Hiroshima Memorial Museum.  I decided I didn’t want to experience the sadness of the memorial museum again and opted to go explore around the area while the rest went to the museum.

Very relaxing and mellow mood around this area. Also loved the cherry blossoms everywhere.

Always a good time for some green tea soft serve.

After the museum, we headed back up north to Osaka and spotted this cross dresser with manlier legs than me.

I love capturing photos of people just going about their business here. I’m kind of a creep..

We got settled in our little apartment before heading out to explore Osaka. Damn this place was condensed.

Coffee trip 123109238 for Abbitt. Abbitt’s blood is mostly caffeine.

Spotted this Civic running a muck inside the small streets of Dotonburi.

Dotonburi for one of the best street food Osaka has to offer.

Gotta get a photo with the Glico man.


Abbitt wanted this soft serve because it looked cool, but it ended up tasting bad.

Everyone knocked the fuck out, except this American.

The next morning we went to Kyoto to check out the old architecture of Gion City.

Next on the list was the Inari Shrine, I’ve been to this place almost on every trip to Japan. This place still puts me in awe whenever I visit.

This lady was pushing her Shiba around in a stroller, so awesome.

The street food at the Inari Shrine is so good and affordable. Check out how much Yakisoba you can get for 400 yen.

Abbitt dying of food coma and decided to lay down while we wait for our train.

The Golden Temple. A must see and to get the green tea ice cream.

I love finding gems like this BMW wagon on SSRs on the way to dinner.

I found this place on Trip Advisor and I really wanted to check it out because the ramen is literally fire.

No ramen no life.

Love this shot of Julia, the bokeh is amazing.

Made it back to Tokyo and met up with Ryo and this girl he’s trying to get at for dinner. Super cute couple.

Krstina was trying to say his friend was cute by saying she was “kawaii”, but Krstina was pronouncing it “Kowaii” which means scary. So she was confused the whole night why this girl was calling me scary.

Thanks Ryo for dinner and it was great seeing you again.

Check back for part 4 of our trip..

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