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The bosses over at 714 Tires recently purchased a Ferrari 360 and since I had to pick one of them up for work the next day he let me use the Ferrari for one night. The Ferrari was an impulse buy because it was so cheap, but now all it does is sit in the garage at 714 Tires.

Italian perfection.

Kiki running out to check the Ferrari out.

Kiki looking for the motor in the trunk.

“I can’t find it?”

I love my dog. 

So cool to see both of my cars in good condition. It won’t last long tho…

It always amazes me what a wrap or a color change can do to a car. I never thought the SC would come this far after sitting for 6 years with the faded matte cancer black paint job.

Old and new wheels about to be built for the IS250..

Sara came to visit with her CR S2000.

Ketchup, mayo and dirty mustard.

Also I got my Elantra for sale 8.5k obo let me know!

Also a new addition to the family is this 96 Civic I got from Nimo. I bought it originally for my brother, but it’s been pretty cool to drive. I might just steal it from him…


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