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I got some sweet stuff from NRG thanks to Jason and decided to post some photos of the install. I had the guys over at 714 Tires do the install because they knew how to wire the horn button.

NRG quick release in silver looks so good.

Decided to use the Trust steering wheel I bought on my first trip to Japan.

It took 5 different people to do this install..

Thuong ended up wiring the horn. Should’ve asked him in the first place.

Meanwhile a wide body IS rolls up for an alignment.

Also spotted this Civic that had a HOODRATstuff plate frame. Thanks for the support!

Took some photos of Max’s hardbody so he has photos to send to the junkyard that’s going to pick it up.

90’s forever.

Ashton brought the E36 over to get some suspension parts installed and an alignment.

I’m excited for this car to be done! This will be so sick when it’s all red.

Had to jack it up with our trolley jacks to get it on the lift.


Ly loves no name brand arms.

Alignment time.

Robros Customs roof wrap. Email for pricing and an appointment!

Shout out to 714 Tires for hooking up the Civic and getting the arms installed on the E36!


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