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 Every time I visit Japan, I always plan a day trip somewhere in South Japan. Sometimes to hang out with Ty from Hectopascal in Osaka or go see some cool shit in Kyoto. This time however, the sole purpose of going down to Osaka was to get Kobe beef! Like all day trips, we took the first train down to Kyoto from Tokyo just so we could get the maximum amount of time to do everything we planned. 

Early mornings with a mix of boy band and a GAP commercial shoot poses by Anthony, Paul and Taylor.

First stop was the Arashiyama bamboo forest. I always forget to go here when I’m in Kyoto and I’ve been in Kyoto like four times.

This place looks bigger in photos than real life. It’s still a must visit when you’re in Kyoto.

The sqaud.

Amazing how we were able to hide all the people in the background.

This is a famous bridge. I don’t know why, but it is.

Soft serve ice cream for breakfast.

From Kyoto we traveled to Osaka and visited Shinsaibashi to find our Kobe beef restaurant.

Love the vibes this place gives me.

Abbitt ready to be filled with takoyaki and meat.

I love those moments where you share new experiences with friends even if it is just trying some octopus balls in Osaka.

Detective Rica was able to find the restaurant that I went to two years ago with Ross just by looking at a photo that I took of the food.

That top plate is Kobe beef! 75,000 yen or $75 USD for five pieces.

We got an assorted orders of A5 waygu steak and some beef tongue before eating the Kobe beef.

Shout out to Ryo for spending his day off with us! It was such a great experience to eat this delicious meat with close friends. Afterwards, we just took the long train back to Tokyo and then the airport.

Before we got on the plane, we decided to try out this sushi spot in the airport. Sushi Kyotatsu, was by far the best sushi I’ve ever had. A must try when you’re leaving back home and you’re in Narita Airport.

Thank you to everyone who made our time in Japan especially wonderful. Thanks for all the sticker trades and rides back to our Airbnb! We’ll see you guys again next year!


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