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 Ever since I’ve had good melt off the spoon brisket, I’ve been wanting more and better tasting brisket. Shavi said Bludso’s BBQ made the best brisket he’s ever had in his life, so we decided to head out to LA. Abbitt and Krstina came along to see if it even comes close to Texas BBQ. 

Anti Abbitt Abbitt Club.


It’s crazy when you’ve had something and you thought it was the best ever and then something else tops it. This is what Bludso’s BBQ did for me. What a life. I can’t wait to try some Texas BBQ in June. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Kyren getting real nice with a strand of meat.

We are releasing a new HOODRATstuff slap. The black glitter slap is available at

There’s always room for dessert.

When you walk in the club in unison with your squad.

Who makes eating dessert look the best?

After dessert, I wanted to do a shoot at the high way pass that over looks the freeway. Abbitt trying to show Krstina something related to stickers probably.

That leg lift.

You find love in strange places.

Krstina has content.

We were close to the US Bank tower sky space, so we decided to go ahead and check it out. Abbitt living in the moment of a moment.

Krstina has more content.

 Whenever I’m high up like this, I just think all the problems we stress about are just so small when you look at the big picture. Maybe you just have to live for the small things like the feeling you get when you bite into a piece of brisket or laughing so hard that you accidentally fart and make all your friends smell it in the backseat. Maybe those feelings are the only things that matter at the end of the day.

We all got a lot of content on this trip, but Krstina especially.

What a life.


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