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 I had an adventurous week. Here’s how it went..

That feeling when you leave work for a long week vacation.

Parked the two beauties in my little man cave.

John came over to pick up some of the new merch, which you can get at

John keeps his black Corvette pretty clean.

The next day, we went on a boat for a small cruise in San Diego.

Angelo cheering to the good life. We all had our cameras out and drinks up because of this…

Vinh proposed to Rica! You may know Vinh as the guy with the crazy red STI always on Work Wheels and Rica as the girl who sells stickers at the car shows for us. They’ve been together for so long and for some reason this moment made me feel 10 years older. We’re not those kids anymore ruining the streets of SoCal anymore..

 Congratulations Vinh and Rica!

We couldn’t stay the night in San Diego because of an early flight the next morning to Washington D.C. Got to catch the sunrise in the morning before the airport.

I didn’t take any photos in Washington D.C. because I was mostly in the hotel room being a sloth while Julia was working. We ended up going to New York for the last couple of days of our trip.

Julia’s first time in NYC. The lights were blinding her.

The next morning we went to go eat at Clinton’s Baking Company for salmon egg benedict and pancakes.

We also went to Sweet Moment for this watermelon shaved ice. Bomb.

We decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum for the day. It’s crazy this place is donations only and you can choose how much to pay.Afterwards we walked around Central Park and found this castle in the middle of it all.

For dinner we went to Chelsea Market for Very Fresh Noodles for the famous long noodles.

Gonna end the adventure with Julia enjoying the fuck out of the noodles we got. They were so good!

Thanks for reading and now we’re back to the daily life.


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