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I’ve been to Japan so many times that I felt like there was nothing left to do. This trip showed me that there was so much I haven’t done yet. We met up with Sara, Diana, Alex and Ty in Shibuya for breakfast.

Enjoying ramen in a tiny restaurant is so Japan.

If you like bean sprouts, then you’ll love this ramen…

Caught the perfect lighting with Sara in Harajuku.

Sara took us to Kawaii Monster cafe, where everything is outrageous.

Everyone tripping out on the decor of the restaurant.


A cake merry go round.

iPad menus.

Crazy how this little world in this restaurant makes Diana and Sara look out of place.

Abbitt in Wonderland.

The hat timing was not on purpose haha.


Dessert monsters.

Everything looks pretty, but it was bland in flavor.

Mostly for the gram.

After Kawaii Monster, we decided that A5 yakiniku would help get rid of the bland taste in our mouths.

We went to Roppongi and checked out the Tokyo City View. I actually like this view better than being inside the Tokyo Tower.

Infinity walk way.

Met up with Jennifer who I went to high school with for all you can drink with her friends.

My new bestfriend Grace.

Keisuke was downing drinks with Vinh all night. I’m very impressed on how much they both drank. I would’ve been dead after the third drink.

Thanks Jenn for having us and finding the charcoal toothpaste!

A long day for Abbitt and now he’s waiting for me to put that ass to sleep. Come back soon for more random Japan adventures.


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