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It seems like every year I’m always going through a mundane cycle. Every year I would be attending the same shows and see nothing different in the car scene. This year however I haven’t been to any shows, so everything looks crazy to me. Something crazy in particular was floating around the internet weeks before SEMA was a render of Mikey from Phaze 2/IDL Design’s Porsche in a new body kit by Old New JP. The design got rid of the Porsche’s headlights and added some vents to the front fender with all of the lights being mounted on the front bumper. To be honest, the render did not look good at all when I first saw it, but when Mikey invited us to come out to the unveiling BBQ, we saw something completely different than the basic render.


We got to witness the first Old New JP Porsche in the states. This car is so well put together from the fitment of the wheels to the interior setup. Everything is literally on point.


The front end grows on you instantly like weeds in a garden.


Phaze 2 is known for breaking the internet with their cars. Make sure after this post you go reset your modem.



This rear shot is so money. Deep wheels and a fat ass.


Some of the guys and our girlfriends came out to the BBQ to see the sea green beast.


Darren’s GT3 with the Spoon inspired livery taken off.


Karl’s Ferrari 360 on Rotiform LSR.

Phaze 2’s new hang out spot is huge!


On the other corner Jerald was getting his freshly painted and kitted RC350 polished for SEMA.

Jerald just got the new Work Meisters and Pandem kit to display at SEMA.


This shop had so many colorful cars on Rotiforms.


Charles was in town all the way from Amsterdam and decided to come out to the BBQ.


Outside in the streets, Phaze 2 had a bunch of friends with nice cars roll to the unveiling, like this RWB.

After the BBQ, we went to MJ cafe for dessert and drinks…

Henry’s GS on Konig Monsters.

Thanks Mikey for having us at your unveiling! The cars are looking sicker than ever!


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