Japan in Cali | Ryo’s Return

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Ryo had a lay over in LA before his journey back to Tokyo and he decided to hang out with us the night before his flight. So some of us met up to get dinner at 4th Street Market.


All homo, but this photo is probably the cutest photo I’ve seen of my friends.


Miguel met us up in his presidential SUV.

Vu’s Civic on Gram Lights and Nimo’s wagon on Ambit wheels aka Ambit Wilkersons.


When you realize the founders of Royal Origin actually have modified cars.

After the meet, we stopped by my house to chill and because Ryo and Miguel were staying over.


My dog Kiki making sure Miguel doesn’t eat all of my snacks.

Miguel and Ryo cleaning out my shed.

It was fun hanging with you Ryo even though it was only a couple of hours. We’ll see again in January!

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