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I’ve always wanted to learn how to drift my SC, but I never had a push to go out and try. Recently, my friend Brandon started to come around and convinced me to take my SC out to the mountains with him to learn how to slide it.


Brandon’s IS300, this car has been through some shit since I’ve seen it last. The last time was four years ago…

Whiskey Devil


All black and ready to go.


We met up with Rodney at Cha2O on the way to Angeles Crest.

DSC02520 DSC02525

Rodney got these cool 90’s Forever stickers made.


After a long and fun winding drive, we got to the drift spot and met with Brandon’s friend who also drove an IS300.


The stars were definitely out tonight.


After some rounds of burning rubber, we decided to try and light paint.


Rodney’s attempts on drawing Saitama from One Punch Man.


I decided to max out the ISO on the Sony A7SII and man it’s so impressive. This photo was taken at 1:36 AM.


It looks like broad day light, so amazing!


Got some shots of Brandon’s IS300. Sorry Brandon, I was too lazy to photo shop it so your car would look good.


I am now addicted to drifting…


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