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As some of you may know, Derek aka “DUKDIKZ” made a career choice to go into the music industry. He got his shit together, went to the Musicians Institute in LA and recently, he got an internship with Rodney Jerkins. Derek got a chance to be the main sound engineer for The Track Burnaz and upcoming producing group from Miami. They saw Derek wearing the HOODRATstuff gear and thought it would be a great idea to collaborate with us. Derek set it up so we could meet at the studio and discuss the collaboration.


Derek’s GS300 is still intact even after living in LA for the past year. Amazing what air ride could do for a car.



Check out those bags under Derek’s eyes, this is a guy that’s been working hard in the studio.


Always reppin’.


One of the artists that The Track Burnaz and Derek has been working with is DB Bantino. DB is a writer, producer and rapper from D.C. and has some tracks that’s been used by a lot of artists.

The Track Burnaz and DB just recently released a song together that they made the day we met. Check it out here..


DB, Briggz and JB laced out with HOODRATstuff.


DB feeling himself.

DSC02628 DSC02629


DB laying down some lyrics.


HOODRATstuff in the studio.


JB feeling the wave.

DSC02651 DSC02653

The Track Burnaz consist of JB, Briggz and Ruben all from Miami.

DSC02654 DSC02663

JB getting that work in.

DSC02665 DSC02668

After the studio meet up, we had dinner with Hayle at EMC Seafood.


Salmon capriccio.


$1.50 oysters.


Hayle and Shavi are about to order the whole happy hour menu.


Soft shell crab sliders.


Most of the happy hour menu.

DSC02682 DSC02685 DSC02696

We decided to go back to the studio to kill some time, since going home from Calabasas to OC would have been a 2 hour drive because of traffic. We caught Derek and Ruben vibing out to some new beats.

DSC02698 DSC02700 DSC02705

DB putting the finishing touches to the song.

DSC02712 DSC02714 DSC02719

Hayle was feeling the song so much that she wanted to moon walk.

Shout out to Derek for putting this meeting together, we will definitely be doing some more stuff with The Track Burnaz, make sure you check out their Sound Cloud and Instagram!

The Track Burnaz


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