Sushi with John and Ashton | Taurus Birthdays

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It’s always fun when there’s a birthday party, especially when people actually care about these people and come out to celebrate. It was Ashton, John and Angelo’s birthdays and we decided to go to Sake 2 Me for their dinner. Angelo couldn’t make it, so we celebrated his birthday in spirit for him.


“Where the bitches at yo? Bruno Mars can not be seen without any hunnies in between these two arms.”


I swear John always closes his eyes in every group photo.


Sang’s sick ass Cayman, I’ve known him since he was a troll on MY.IS.

DSC02911 DSC02913

Waiting to be seated for a group of 24.


Spotted Phi’s Civic on Air Runner suspension.


The parking lot of Sake 2 Me became a little car meet.


Shavi’s M30.


John’s Corvette on Forge Stars.


Ashton about to get white girl wasted.


John’s been working out, so he’s not much of an alcohol drinker anymore. Good thing I’m here to eat his desserts.


Happy Birthday boy knows he’s coming home to sex after dinner.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Tauruses, may you guys find good fortune and happiness in your future endeavors.


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