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A very important thing to check before a long road trip is your alignment and tire wear. Thankfully, we have the good guys over at 714 Tires to help us prepare our cars for the long trip to Las Vegas. They are one of the few shops in Southern California that work on slammed cars.

prep 003

Kevin’s S2000 getting his tires flipped.

prep 046

prep 005

Derek getting his GS an alignment.

prep 039

prep 055

prep 006

Kevin’s Avant Garde A1 wheels are for sale by the way. Email us at for a price. One of a kind wheels.

prep 007

DPE wheels getting some tires dismounted. 714 Tires handles a lot of expensive wheels, so they know how to work on your wheels without damaging it.

prep 011

Lee one of the owners of 714 Tires putting in work.

prep 013

Rotiform CSW.

prep 015

Vinh helping out David, the other owner of 714 Tires with dismounting tires.

prep 024

prep 017


prep 059

prep 019

Tires for days.

prep 022

It was a Royal Origin type of morning for 714 Tires.

prep 029

How Derek’s face is after an alignment. Stunned, happy, mad, sad not really sure.

prep 037

prep 093prep 058

I changed my ride height, so the toe was a bit off. Thanks to 714 Tires everything was in spec and ready for Vegas.

prep 062

prep 067

prep 069

prep 078

prep 083

prep 091

prep 095

prep 102

lb 002

Afterwards, we took Kevin’s S2000 and his new hardtop back to Robros Customs to get it wrapped.

lb 004

lb 005

lb 007

lb 009

Liberty Walk GTR coming soon..

lb 027

Out of no where a wild Kato appears.

lb 010

Kato from Liberty Walk came by to check on the Robros Customs GTR.

lb 011

lb 013This guy is really fun to talk to and thank you to Anna for translating.

lb 018

lb 019

Checking out Kevin’s wrap job.

lb 022

Robros sandwich.

lb 024

lb 025

lb 026

After that meeting, me and Vinh had to go to City of Industry to pick up a hood from Seibon and while we were in the area, we decided to see if VR wheels had anything cool going on.

prep 104

Wheel heaven.

prep 105

prep 108

They always have some fire in their ware house. Wish I had the money for some BBS LMs.

prep 106

prep 107

When we got back Jason had finished wrapping Kevin’s hardtop.


Check out that precision even making it two tone with the gloss black.


Kevin’s car has come a long way since his motor blew way back then. Glad to see the progression on this thing!

051Next post… OMWTFYB…

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