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It’s insane how much sleep you lose when preparing your car for an event, whether it’s a track day or just a car meet. Making your car up to your expectations takes quite a bit of time and effort. Most of the crew had to get their car ready for our annual Royal Origin meet in Las Vegas. Not only did they have to get the car ready to floss, but they had to get it ready for a four hour trek into the desert.

fun 004

Ryo, one of the crazier guys in our group had to get his fenders pulled and space our his rear wheels, so it doesn’t rub against the frame anymore.

fun 006

Crazy, how he’s planning to drive this car to Vegas.

fun 008

Meanwhile, I was just playing around putting my Work CR-Kai’s on my SC. Doesn’t look that bad in my opinion.

fun 009

fun 020

Air master Vinh was trying to put together his air suspension for his STI.

fun 021
The pieces to a very complicated puzzle.

fun 022

fun 023

Vinh’s garage buddy, Bryan’s M5 on DPE wheels.

fun 028

Since the SC got some wheels now, I decided to put the Meisters back on my IS for the meet.

fun 032

Damn, I miss driving around like a boss.

fun 036

Speaking of bosses, Kevin from Boss Company came by to hang out with his LS400.

fun 039

Sadly, this car will be sold soon..

fun 040

fun 043More of Ryo’s Q45.

fun 047

Dem camber specs tho..

fun 048

fun 057

The master teaching the student.

fun 058

Decided to practice light painting again and well it didn’t come out that great. It was most likely because it wasn’t dark enough and the amber lights didn’t help either.

fun 069

fun 061

I wasn’t trying to be artistic and deep with the black and white. The only way this photos would come out decent if it were in black and white…

fun 071

fun 075

fun 079

fun 076

fun 084

fun 085

fun 088

fun 090

fun 095More behind the scenes coming soon… Probably tomorrow.

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