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Tra House has come a long way since it opened back in 2012. It use to be strictly a boba shop and then out of no where evolved into a full blown restaurant. Tra House is known for making Vietnamese dishes with a little twist to it, so if you’re a Vietnamese food fanatic and you eat here you’re going to be mind blown.


This is my favorite photo ever.


 Garlic shrimp noodles. Pretty basic, but the shrimp was on point. I just wanted some dry noodles to eat.


 Chicken vermicelli with egg rolls. Can’t go wrong with this combination.


 When Vietnamese people think meat with baguette bread, they automatically think of banh mi sandwiches. When ordering this dish we did not expect it to come out like a pizza. Pretty good.


 Crispy rice with Chinese sausages. We were expecting a bowl of fried rice with sausages. This was a pleasant surprise and also good.


 Bo Ne. A slap of steak with tater tots and a fried egg. Taste delicious.

Great place to have dinner and the place has a nice vibe to it. Also the drinks here are really good too. Try the New Yorker.

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