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On my quest to become a Yelp Elite, I’m going to be blogging here and there about restaurants that I eat at because my life is more than cars and getting mad bitches. Just kidding about the last part, anyways I’ll be posting more food photos on here and reviews so i can just copy and paste it into my Yelp reviews. After a long day of adventuring we found ourselves at Santa Monica pier and decided to check out The Albright.


The babe, Abbitt always down to go eat with me.


Live in the moment Derek.



It’s always cool to go with a bunch of friends and fill the table with delicious food.


Ryo getting that food bukkake shot.


Abbitt got the fish and chips which was pretty good, Derek went with the basic fish tacos which we’re actually good too and Ryo had the baked salmon which was mediocre to me. I got the tuna melt with clam chowder bread bowl.


The tuna melt tasted pretty basic like I could make it at home and I hate eating something that I know I could make at home. The clam chowder on the other hand was delicious. Definitely get the clam chowder when you eat here. Overall, it’s a cool place to eat if you’re in Santa Monica because it’s right on the pier. Clam chowder and anything deep fried is a must get. I should really take more detailed photos the next time I review a restaurant. Not bad for the first time?

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