99 Problems

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Vinh’s garage is where most of our cars have been worked on or fixed and usually we come back the next day because we messed up on something. We’re not perfect, maybe Instagram makes it look like we have perfect cars, but we don’t. It actually takes a lot of work to build a car that we would be happy with. A suspension drop, wheels and a lip kit doesn’t really count as a build for us. It’s definitely a start, but what separates the car scene kids to the true enthusiast is the attention to detail and the never ending thirst to build a complete all around car.

From Lexus to Nissan now Subaru, Vinh is trying to catch them all. He has always been able to build some unique cars with his simplistic style, every car he has built had it’s own way of grabbing your attention without it having something crazy to it.


Vinh’s room mate, Bryan’s M5. Shit’s packing heat with 500hp.


Henry’s freshly bagged GS on Loc’s Work CR Kais. They’re for sale for $1,900.



Today’s project is Abbitt’s Subaru, we were getting it prepped for a tune. Abbitt is not about the details of his car, if it works and looks good, it’s fine for him. He still builds some pretty cool cars though.


Love/hate relationship for Vinh and building cars. He likes building cars, but he hates being broke from buying the parts.




Henry was trying to fix his air leaks all day. #airproblems


John’s been a rut trying to sell his Work VS-TX. Seems like people now a days don’t want to be a gangster.


Holy camber, Batman!


Sunsets and slammed cars. Even though cars can be a headache, nothing beats seeing your hard work put into a car with the sun setting in the background. Do it for the love of the build instead of Instagram likes.

I just want to travel and see cool things. Follow me on Instagram and twitter @nguminh and @thefoodadventurist.

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